Shivad Fort


Shivad Fort


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Things To Do

Ranthambore National Park

Visit the crown jewel of Project Tiger, the famous Ranthambore National Park, just 45 minutes from the Shivad Fort

Tonk Visit

Visit the spectacular Sunehri Kothi or the Golden Mansion of the Nawabs of Tonk, indulging in their lovely library.

Village Visit

Visit the beautiful villages and countryside of Rajawati, an important region of the erstwhile Jaipur state.

Shivad Fort Exploration

Explore the massive fort of Shivad, accompanied by a local family member, with tales of the bygone era and pretty spots for photography.

Cooking Demonstration

Learn the recipes of the land, with the old family cook who was trained by the owners grandmother.

About Shivad Fort

The magnificent Shivad Fort, in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan was completed in the 16th century by the Rajawat clan of the Kachhawa Rajputs. This is by far the biggest fort of an erstwhile Thikana, which covers the entire hill top and was a city in itself, complete with a court, jail, granary, watch towers, royal quarters etc. The magnitude of the fort grows on you slowly and it’s worth seeing the basements which also act as water reservoirs, which were a must to survive long periods of siege during the time of wars. It is about 5 hours from Gurgaon when travelling by car on the newly built Delhi Mumbai expressway and is just 40 kms from Ranthambore. The fort is surrounded by about 600 acres of a private Forest and lakes with a motorable road leading right upto it. Then there is Duke Shivad aka Rajeshwar Singh the present Thakur sahib to keep you company and host you during your rustic vacation at Garrison Fort Shivad. The restoration of the fort is still WIP so you can be part of of the same and see the legacy being re built. One can also stop by for lunch followed by a visit to the fort and then continue to Ranthambore/Jaipur. Shivad is one of the best kept secrete waiting to be unravelled.

-By Traveller- Mr.Jayant Erickson

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